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National Interest, Progress For We All, Enh Respect for we Democracy"*

NPD is a transformational political party, a nationalist party that believes in Progressive values. 

National Interest is the foundation of the party,  to ensure that there is progress in the lives of our people, is the reason for the formation of the party and respect for democracy is our guiding principle.

What do we mean by *National?* 

National means the nation comes first to us. All our policies both domestic and foreign policies would be viewed strictly through the lens of national interest. Appointments and development programs would be made,  formulated and implemented on the basis of National interest. As a party we pledge to defend,  promote and protect the life and liberty of every Sierra Leonean irrespective which tribe you are,  which region you come from,  which political party you are associate with or the colour of your skin.  

We would also defend, promote and protect the name,  image,  reputation of our country Sierra Leone in any place and at anytime. 

We believe that if we want others to respect  our country and our people it must start with a govt that respects and values her people. An NPD govt would instill  discipline in government. We would work towards restoring the dignity and respect for our people and country within SL and the outside world.  We would ensure that the rights and dignity of our people are respected everywhere.


What do we mean by *PROGRESSIVE?*: We are progressives because we believe in progressive values. It means our policies both domestic and foreign policies would be guided by the objective of bringing about radical reforms in government with liberal ideas to ensure progress in the lives of our people in various communities. 

As progressives we would protect the fundamental basic social safety nets while respecting the free market principles for economic independence. We believe in progress in the lives of our people, progress in the lives of our youths, our mothers, our fathers and progress in our communities. Everything we do, is influenced and driven by national interest based on how much progress it will bring to the lives of the people.


We are *DEMOCRATS* because we believe in democratic principles geared towards establishing a govt of the people of SL,  by the people of SL and for the people of SL exclusively. 

We pledge to respect the civic and fundamental Human Rights of our people.

We believe in the right of association, the right of freedom of speech and the right to hold demonstration without fear of being shot to death as is the case today with this govt and previous govts. Several mine workers were killed at the Marampa mines for exercising their rights to demonstrate for wages and benefits.  Two youths were killed at the "Kabala Youth Strike" for expressing their disappointment to the govt for lying to the youths about the youth village. They also killed two innocent people at the "Njala Students Demonstration" killed for pleading to govt to reopen their college. Those are just a few examples of the type of senseless brutality and abuse our people are subjected to, which the NPD party is absolutely against. 

NPD would restore RESPECT FOR the lives and LIBERTY of our people.

Unlike other political parties NPD, is not owned by any individual, we established it to be owned by its members. Once you become a member you become a part owner of this transformational party.

For any additional information please feel free to contact our National Membership and Policy Director.

Jesmed F Suma. 

JFSuma (a) 

030-485-302 or +1908-759-4332




The Logo of our party is a Key in Gold Colours called the GOLDEN KEY. It symbolizes the key to the doors of opportunity.

The colours of our party are *BLUE* and *GOLD*.

Blue represent Water. Water is the symbol of life. So the blue serves as a reminder to our leadership that when in power we would be representing lives,  not the diamonds,  gold, bauxite or other minerals as is the case with the current and previous govts, but the lives of the people of SL. We consider our human capital the most valuable asset of our nation. 

Blue represent the rivers,  seas, ocean and other waterways our nation is endowed with. 

It also represent the sky to serve as a reminder that as a party the sky is our only limit in our pursuit to realize the dreams of our founding fathers. They had a dream to fashion a nation that is United, we would unite Sierra Leone, a nation that is Free, we would bring economic freedom to our people, and a nation that is Just . We would restore justice to our people to reflect our National motto UNITY, FREEDOM and JUSTICE. NPD would realize these dreams.

The GOLD represent the state of our heart, people with rich heart. A heart proud of who we are as a people. Proud of our country, our heritage and our ancestry. 

A Rich heart also means a compassionate heart. A rich heart is one who reaches out to his or her fellow Sierra Leoneans in time of need. People with a sense of duty to one another. 

That is what NPD is all about. Our loyalty is to the nation and our principles serve as our guide.


  THE NATIONAL PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS NPD (A list of our seven Strategic pillars of development)   Social economists have always argued that, the health status of the population of any country is closely interrelated to its economic development. As a party, we believe that for Sierra Leone to develop; we must have a well fed, a well-educated and healthy population. The focus of our party is to support communities, support families and individuals to be economically independent to develop themselves, and to serve their communities. To provide the right workforce we would focus on the following seven strategic pillars of development.    Guided by our progressive values and liberal ideas, our policies would be focused on addressing the factors that causes poverty.  Therefore, to reduce poverty, NPD would provide an effective and affordable access to the following seven strategic pillars of development:   1. Healthcare including access to drinkable water, to support families in their effort to prevent illness and tackle medical challenges.   2. Educational system, to create an educated society and help families rise out of poverty.    3. Agriculture to guarantee food security by making sure we grow what we eat.    4. Energy, to create an enabling environment to a robust economy. Energy is the bloodline of the economies of the world.   5. Industrialization by creating the enabling factors to support our ability to transform our farm and mineral products to finished goods to enhance our export values.    6. Corruption: We believe until we fight the menacing problem of corruption, our nation would not develop. We have developed an effective strategy on how to combat corruption.    7. UNITY, FREEDOM and JUSTICE: At the birth of our nation, our founding fathers had a dream, to fashion a nation that is united, a nation that is free and a nation that is just, hence the motto UNITY, FREEDOM and JUSTICE, the three fundamental principles of our nationhood. The NPD as party is geared towards the realization of this dream. We see it as very imperative for our national cohesiveness and development. For each of these seven strategic pillars of development, we know exactly what we want to do, how we want to do it, when we want to it and how we plan to fund it. Each plan has short, mid and long term approach to ensure that can deliver what we promise.  

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